A Dark Warlock Costume For A Dark Halloween

Halloween seems to represent a lot of different things to different people. There can be pumpkins and black cats and witches and warlocks. Sometimes there can be tricks, but more often there are treats. If you and your family would like to represent a little bit more of the darker side of Halloween, then this halloween Warlock costume for your son could be just the ticket.

Warlock CostumeEvil Warlock Childs Costume

The one-piece costume includes a terrific-looking long dark robe, as well as an attached hood and collar. The long sleeves are mysterious and would suit any young sorcerer.

Accessorizing the outfit with a warlock’s staff and a pair of the models theatrical child black gloves and the appropriate makeup, look for the Death Black makeup. This will surely make your son the hit of the party and the talk of the town at school the next day, after he goes out trick-or-treating.

If you are holding a party on Halloween so that the neighbourhood children can be safe and have a great deal of fun, you can use a lot of the elements that are available for regular Hanging Flame Light -CouldronHalloween events. There’s a good deal of creative license for treats and your family may be involved in baking cupcakes which look like spiders, black cats, or even gummy candy in the shape of a bat.

Throughout history, witches have gotten the most publicity. Their partners, warlocks, aren’t portrayed very often. They are more likely to be taken as sorcerers, or even alchemists. In modern day witch lore, warlocks often pair with witches so that they can do their dirty deeds together.

In our own time, witches and warlocks, individually or as a couple can be part of a fun time at Halloween. We will probably not portray them as evil, but as part of good magic and spells etc. Witches and warlocks can be involved in good magic just as easily as they can in black magic. You can find stores and little boutiques tucked away in all parts of towns, which provide botanicals and other things used in good magic. The latter is often called White Magic, to differentiate it from Black Magic.

If your son is dressed as a warlock and perhaps your daughter as a witch, then be sure have a lot of cone-shaped hats around, perhaps a steaming cauldron or two, and even some stars on the ceiling, dim the lights and have a great Halloween this season.

Is there a difference between a warlock and wizard? Well they both are thought to practice magic, but Wizards are viewed as good characters with a moral code in contrast to the Warlock, the name ‘warlock’ actually comes from Old English meaning ‘oath breaker’… in WOW Warlocks lay curses on their enemies.